Material :-

*Chocolate Biscuits – 3 Packets/ *Raisins – Half bowl/ *Almonds – Half bowl finely chopped/ *Ghee – Four spoons/ *Milk – One bowl/ *Eno – 1 teaspoon/ * Sugar – 5/6 teaspoons ….

Recipe :-

Finely grind the biscuits and sugar with the help of the grinder. Take out this powder in a bowl. Now mix two spoons of ghee and some milk in this biscuit powder and make a paste. The paste is neither too thin nor too thick. Now we will mix one teaspoon of Eno in it and mix it well, with a little milk and mix it in the mixture so that the Eno dissolves well.

Take a vessel, put ghee inside it and put a paste in it. After adding half the paste, we will put dry fruit in it and now the remaining paste will be put on it. The remaining dry fruit will be put on it.

Now heat the cooker on the gas and put a layer of salt in it. Now keep a stand in it (if you do not have a stand, you can also use a flour filter). Now place the mixing vessel on that stand. Now stop covering the cooker, take care to remove both the whistle and the rubber from the cooker. Allow the mixture to cook for 20 minutes. Now remove the lid of the cooker and check that the cake is ready or not. (If you put the knife in the mixture and see if the paste does not stick to the knife, That means our cake is ready to cook …….

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