(Veg Casserole)

Material :-

*Rice – two small bowls/ *Desi Ghee – Two spoons/ *Cumin – half a teaspoon/ *Green chili – two finely chopped/ *Beans – a bowl chopped/ *Capsicum – two finely chopped/ *Green Peas – A Bowl/ *Potatoes – 2 finely chopped/ *Tomato – finely chopped/ *Onion – 2 chopped/ *Salt – As per taste/ *Green Coriander – For Garnishing.

Recipe :-

Wash the rice well, put the cooker on the gas, put ghee in the cooker and heat it, now add cumin, after roasting cumin add onion, When the onion is lightly roasted then add finely chopped tomatoes, after roasting tomatoes, add beans, capsicum, peas and potatoes, now add green chilies and fry for a minute, Now add rice and roast it again for two minutes. Put two times water from rice, then add salt according to taste. Now turn off the cooker. turn off the gas after coming to a visal. Your casserole is ready. Garnish with finely chopped green coriander after putting it on a plate.

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