Delicious cheela

Materials :-

Flour – one bowl/ *onion – one finely chopped/ *green chili – 2 finely chopped/ *green coriander – half bowl/ *semolina – half bowl/  curd – half bowl/ *cumin – one spoon/ *salt – As per taste/ *turmeric – half teaspoon/ *ghee – two tablespoons/ *ginger – one teaspoon finely chopped/ *water …..


Recipe :-

Take flour in a bowl, then mix semolina, onion, ginger, curd and green coriander in it and mix it well. Now add cumin, salt and turmeric to it and mix well. Now add water to the mixture and make a batter. Stir the mixture well so that it does not get lumpy. Make a mixture of the mixture thoroughly.

Now heat the pan with a griddle. When heated, apply ghee and spread the mixture solution on the pan with the help of a spoon or a kadashi. Now let it cook well. Now turn it over and let it cook. Our cheela is ready. Serve it with green mint sauce or sauce.

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