Pani Puri

Potato Mixing Ingredients: –

*Boiled Potatoes – 3/ *Boiled Black gram – Half bowl/ *Onion – One finely chopped/ *Cumin – Half teaspoon roasted/ *Black salt – Half teaspoon.

Recipe :-

Put all the above ingredients in a vessel and mash them well. Our potato mixture is ready.

Puri Ingredients: –

*Flour – two cups/ *semolina – half cup/ *salt – as per taste

Recipe :-

We will take flour, semolina and salt in a bowl and add water and fry it well. Cover it with the help of a cloth and keep it for 15 minutes. Now we again broke the kneaded mixture into a muddy lang. Now we will make the dough dough, neither thin nor thick. With the help of rolling pin, make the dough into small balls and some small round cheese. Now take a little bit of these puris.

Now put oil in a pan and heat it. After heating the oil, turn the gas to low flame. Now pour the little pooris in the oil and keep the ladder in the oil with the help of it till it swells. We will do all this on slow flame. Our Puri is made.

Water Makers: –

*Green Mint – 10/12 addresses/ *Green Coriander – 12/15/ *Green Chili – 5/6/ *Ginger – 2 pieces/ *Salt – As per taste/ *Black Salt – Half Teaspoon/ *Black Pepper – A pinch/ *Cumin Powder – Half a teaspoon/ *Aforesaid – 3 pinches/ *3 teaspoons water Puri Masala or Water jal jeera Powder/ *Water/ *Lemon – 2/ *Curd Pakodi.

Recipe :-

Grind green mint, green coriander, green chilies, ginger and half cup of water in a mixer grinder. Now take out the mixture in a bowl. Add one and a half liters of water to the mixture and mix. Now add black salt, black pepper, plain salt, roasted cumin, hings and water, whole masala or water cumin spices and mix well. For this, mix lemon juice for sourness.

Now we’ll keep it for a while so that the ingredients mix well. Now filter the water. Now mix 5/7 pieces of  ice and curd pakodi  in the water and let it cool. Our water puri is ready.

Enjoy Pani Puri.





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