Sour sweet Dhokla

Materials :-

*Gram flour – two bowls/ *sugar – three tablespoons/ *green chilies – 6 to 7/ *lemons – one/ *Eno – one packet/ *curry leaves – 10 to 12/ *mustard – two spoons/ *salt – as per taste/ *Turmeric – half a teaspoon/ *oil – 3 tablespoons/ *Ghee – two spoons/ *water …

Recipe :-

Put gram flour in a bowl, then mix turmeric, salt, sugar and Eno in it. After mixing them, mix all these with water and make a paste. While mixing the paste, mix it well so that the paste becomes very thin. Now add lemon juice and mix well. Your Dhokla paste is ready.

Now take a pan and add water to it. Put a bowl in it and add water to it, then put a pot (thalinuma) on it, in which you can add the paste of your Dhokla. Apply ghee on that vessel first so that your paste does not stick to the pot. We are going to cook the Dhokla by steam. Now we will add paste to that vessel and cover it with something and cook it. With the help of a Knife or a spoon, we will check that our paste is well cooked. Now we will cut the Dhokla in small pieces. We will pour sugar solution on it.

Now we’ll put oil in a ladder and heat it on the gas. Over hot, we will add mustard, green chilies and curry leaves and roast it. Now pour this mixture over the Dhokla. Keep the Dhokla for a while so that all the spices mix well. Your Dhokla is ready.

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