Tikki Burger

Materials :-

*Boiled Potatoes – 3/ *Onions – 2 Finely Chopped/ *Gram lentils – One Bowl/ *Arrowroot Powder – 3 Tablespoons/ *Salt – As Per Taste/ *Red Chili – Half Spoon/ *Garam Masala – Half Tablespoon/ *Curd – a bowl/ *green chutney/ *sweet chutney/ *mustard oil or refined tikki for frying/ *Burger bun – 2/ *onion – cut into round shape/ *cucumber – cut into round shape/  *cottage cheese – 2 pieces chopped/ *tomato – cut into round shape …

Method of preparation of Tikki : –

First we will bring boiled potatoes in a bowl, we will add salt, red chili, garam masala and a little turmeric. Then add finely chopped onion, boiled gram lentils and three spoons of arrowroot to it. Our tikkis are prepared as a mixture.

Now we’ll put the pan on the gas. Will put oil or refined on it and heat it. Now we will make the pedas of the tikki mixture. Now these pedas will be given a round shape of tikki. Now we’ll put them on the pan and make them well on both sides. Our tikkis are ready.

Burger Recipe: –

First, cut the burger bun in the middle and cut it into two pieces. Now we will heat it by adding a little oil or refined on the pan and cook the burger buns lightly on two sides. After cooking, we are going to put sauce on both the pieces of the burger bun. Then we will fill the base with onion, cucumber, tomato, cheese and chutney. Now we will put the upper pieces on the filler. Our tikki burger is ready.

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