Taro leaf pakodas(Pathere)

Material :-

*Taro leaves – 8 to 10/ *Turmeric leaves – 2 to 3/ *Black pepper – 10 to 12 grains/ *Basil leaves – 10/ *Green chilies – 7 to 8/ *Gram flour – 500 grams/ *Salt – As per taste/ *Garam Masala – One teaspoon/ *Cumin – Half teaspoon/ *Turmeric – One teaspoon/ *Red chili – One pinch/ *Mustard oil – One bowl/ *Wood – 4 finely/ *Thread – To tie the leaves/ *Water – 2 bowls …


Recipe :-

Wash Taro leaves and turmeric leaves thoroughly and dry them.

Method of making the mixture: – Put gram flour in a bowl, grind green chilies and basil leaves and mix it. Grind the black pepper and mix it in gram flour too. Now add all the spices and mix it well. Now add water to the mixture and mix it well and make a paste. Keep in mind that the paste is neither thin nor too thick! Now we put the Taro leaves upside down and we will paste the mixture on it! When 4-5 leaves become paste, then close both sides of it and wrap it with turmeric leaves and tie it with thread.

Now we will add water in a cooker and make a roof with the help of wood on it, on which we will put a bundle of Taro leaves and then close the cooker! Let him cook in steam until he comes to 3-4 sities! After cooking, we will remove the Taro leaf balls from the cooker and let them cool down. We will chop the Taro leaf balls in small pieces!

Now we will heat mustard oil in a pan and fry small pieces of Taro leaves in it! Roast them until they turn light brown. Now our Taro leaves pakodas ready! You can serve it with tea! …..

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